About Us

Company Profile

Ping Information Technology Group is a start-up company that is founded by professional owners who have different academic backgrounds and experiences in major of information technology. It is initially established and named in 2015.


Vision of our Ping Information Technology Group is to be one of the most well-known leading Information Technology and the unique one by providing perfect services with a comfortable and close relationship to customers.


Ping Information Technology Group is to be the most successful providing technology services. The popularity and fame of our company will continuously grow. Doing so, Ping Information Technology Group will meet customers’ expectations with highest quality of our leading services, competitive pricing, individual and company accountability, transparency and accuracy, flexible customization capability, financial stability, and best in class support. 

 Why us?

Ping Information Technology Group is a young company providing a range of services information technology solution.We will lead your companies to have a sustainable growth in challenging business environment.

Our Key Provide to Customers

- Quality is our concern, Reliability, Flexibility,  Accessibility, Competence and skillful human resource, Security, Competitive market price.